How To Increase My Chances Of Winning At The Slot Machines?

Do you play the slot machines in casinos regularly? Have you wondered or asked something such as; “How To Increase My Chances Of Winning At The Slot Machines?” Even though the machines are computerized, and supposedly totally random, some folks claim there are steps to you can take to increase your chances of winning!

For starters, if your favorite casino offers any sort of slots-specific promotions, or even a Player’s Club, where you get an ID Card and can insert it into the machines before starting to play, it is definitely worth your time to take full advantage of these promotions.

You might even earn some points which can get you free food or merchandise, there might also be daily or nightly drawings where you can win prizes. Even a few free spins on a slot machine can possibly have the potential to earn you some massive prizes, and there’s really no cost to you to take advantage of these free offers from the casino.

Some folks believe that playing the machines closest to the entrance will give you a better chance of winning. The thought is that they put the machines there that pay off more often in an effort to lure more people into the casino. After all, if you are walking past the entrance to a casino and hear a lot of people hooting and hollering, then you might be tempted to enter and see what’s happening.

Beat The Casinos

You won’t find this fabulous book with tips to beat the casinos in a library or bookstore, but you can click on that photo and find a very cool website where they sell it at a bargain price! Some online retailers I’ve seen charged $29.95 or $19.95 for the very same booklet!

Adrift In The Casino


Adrift in the casino, with people all around, some happy, some sad.
There are noisy machines, bells ringing, and an occasional PA announcement.
There’s too much smoking going on, and many of these folks are senior citizens.
I wonder if any of them smoke pot? If so, I wonder if they ever smoke pot in here?
Would anyone even notice? Would anyone even care? I don’t care, I don’t smoke pot.

There’s a very big lady laughing and yelping because she just hit a jackpot.
She looks happy. I wonder what her life is like when she’s not in here.
She seems to be a regular, many of the staff know her by name.
But I wonder… is she happy?

I am daydreaming as I sit on an empty stool next to my friend who is
mindlessly playing a slot machine. She hits a button, with much more force
than I suppose is required, about every four to eight seconds to see if she
wins or loses. Can that really be fun? Or is she trying to win money for an
important bill? Or is she masking the pain of a recent break-up? The guy
was a huge jerk, and she’s much better off without him. I never liked him.

He would say things that he thought were funny, but they were rude.
He once referred to my breasts as mosquito bites. I love my small boobs
and am proud of them. In one of those Men In Black movies, I don’t
remember which one, there was an alien who assumed the appearance
of an underwear model. She said something like “cute little planet…
with the right set of mammary glands you could rule this planet.”
I think the right pair of nipples could rule the planet.

A cocktail waitress just asked us if we wanted a drink. My friend said “no”
because she’s not entirely sure if they are free or if there’s a cost, and she’s
too shy to ask. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink soda, I am not thirsty.
The waitress was wearing too much make-up, and it’s a shame, she’s a
cute girl. Maybe twenty-two years old, about five feet tall, and can’t weigh
100 pounds. Her costume is nice, and she probably wears a bra like mine,
size AAA. Good things come in small packages, you know. I wonder if she
is proud of her tiny boobies? I wonder if she’s happy? She probably makes
good money. But does she enjoy the job? She might have a sister or friend
who works in a restaurant. Would that be a better job? I couldn’t ever be
a waitress, I am too clumsy. I would not want to drop a tray of food on
someone’s lap.

My daydreaming was just interrupted by Julie hitting my forearm. She
wanted to attract my attention to the screen. She just won $27.50.
So what? She put a twenty dollar bill into the machine to start, and then
three more since then. Right now the screen says her balance is $31.00.
I am not a math wizard, but I would say she’s lost 49 dollars, if she were
to quit this very minute, which she won’t. She’s hooked on gambling.
I am glad that I am not! At least she’s having fun. I think she is, anyway.

Here comes the waitress again. I wonder if the smoke bothers her eyes,
day after day or night after night? I wonder how long she has worked
here? Does anyone ever ask her? Does anyone even care? I wonder how
her mom feels about her job in a casino. The costume could be considered
by some as being a bit slutty, but it looks good on her. She just needs to
tone down the make-up. No one she knows would probably ever tell her.
Maybe Julie’s ex, the jerk, would tell her, but he is not here. I wonder if
the waitress ever had some dumb guy refer to her breasts as mosquito
bites? I wonder if she would even care?

Oops, now Julie is down to less than a dollar, and she’s placing two more
twenty dollar bills into the machine. That makes a total of $120 if she
loses all of it. We’re having fun, so what the heck? There are two old
ladies sitting over to my left about five feet away. I heard them talking
before. One has a good luck charm, and she claims it helps her win in
the casinos. The friend mentioned she was going to get one just in case.

I wonder if Julie has a good luck charm. Maybe I am her good luck charm.
My sister used to have a friend that would wear a pair of green panties
for good luck at Bingo or in a casino. That’s a funny superstition.
I don’t wear panties. I don’t even own any. I don’t wear a bra, either,
because I sure don’t need one.

Julie is down to $17.00 on the counter, Yikes! That’s a lot of money
that she’s lost. How many people in this place today? How much
will some of them win or lose? Bet this place generates a huge profit.

As many people sit in here, adrift.

Increase Your Chances Of Winning At Slot Machines!

Here are some great ways to increase your chances at winning at the slot machines in a casino, or just about anywhere that you encounter a slot machine! Luck plays a huge role in successfully winning at slot machines, but there are some slot machine strategies that can maximize your chances to win. The probability of winning a significant amount of money on slot machines is slim to none. Casinos do not ordinarily disclose the odds of winning at their slot machines, so the slot players cannot be informed of their chances of winning. Believe me… the chances of winning big money on the slots are very low. However, most people do love to play the slots, and you can still increase your chances of winning some money with a few tips as follows.

Some video slot machines have a fixed maximum payout while other machines have progressive jackpots, which means they have a meter which increases the jackpot with every play where there is no return. The more people play these slot machines… the higher the jackpot becomes.

Progressive slots might seem to be the most attractive, due to the supposed high return, however the huge disadvantage of the progressive slots is that in most online casinos they are all linked together. Because of the number of people all playing for that huge jackpot amount, your odds of winning on a progressive slot machine are much lower. That lower probability of winning not only applies to the jackpot amounts, but also for the overall odds of winning smaller amounts. So it is more profitable to stick to the machines with a fixed maximum payout and limit your play on the progressive ones with the huge jackpots.

To have the very best chances of winning, at least in the short term, you should choose the slots that offer the smallest jackpots. These smaller jackpots are easier to win, which will increase your chances of walking away a winner. The bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to actually hit, and it is more likely that you might lose. It takes a lot of playing hours to create the huge jackpots which is why your chances of winning them are much lower. Games that are novelty themed with enormous jackpots have the worst odds of all, so you really should stick to the machines with the smaller prizes.

This is an amazing book, which everyone should have, if they play slot machines regularly!

Beat The Casinos

You won’t find it in a library or bookstore, but you can click on the photo and find a site where they sell it at a bargain price! Some online retailers charged $29.95 or $19.95 for the very same booklet!

If your favorite casino offers some sort of slots-specific promotions, or even a Player’s Club, where you get an ID Card and can insert it into a machine before beginning to play, it is definitely worth your time to take full advantage of these promotions. You might earn some points which can get you free food or merchandise, there might also be daily or nightly drawings where you can win prizes. Even a few free spins on a slot machine can possibly have the potential to earn you some massive prizes, and there’s really no cost to you to take advantage of these free offers from the casino.


More Useful Tips To Win Casino Gambling!

Here are some more useful tips to help you win at casino gambling:

It is a really good idea to know your spending limit. Money management is a subject that many people cringe at the thought of, because most people have serious trouble keeping track of their finances and what they spend in everyday life, so the especially lose track of what they have spent after a few hours in a casino.

Make things easy on yourself by deciding in advance what you can afford to lose before you even start playing. If you actually start wining, that’s great, and don’t be afraid to go home with the winnings, the casino will be open again tomorrow!

Get full value for all of your wagering by taking advantage of any freebies or deals that are offered by the casino! You can check by the information desk for some sort of Player’s Club or frequent visitor offers that they might have. Many casinos will issue you an ID card, and every time you are playing at a table or even a slot machine, the ID card will help the casino keep track of how much you’re spending. In this manner, you can earn points for free meals, free items in the gift shop, maybe some free play, and perhaps a free night in the hotel, if they have one.

Don’t play any casino games with money that is actually set aside for your rent or mortgage payment. This should be common sense to most folks, but if you’re gambling with money that you just can’t afford to lose, then you might have a gambling problem and should probably seek professional help of some kind. You cannot play slot machines professionally. Usually when anyone says they are a professional gambler, they either have a huge inheritance, they own a business that gives them a steady income, or they have some other source of income, with which they use some of the money to fuel their gambling habit.

Pocket your winnings as you win and continue to play only with your principal bankroll. Once your principal bankroll is completely gone, count all of your pocketed winnings and then consider that you will continue to play only with half of the excess that you have… play with half of your net win (your winnings less your original bankroll). For example, if you started with 200 dollars, and you kept pocketing the winnings as you go, then when the 200 dollars are gone, let’s say your pocketed winnings were $300, continue playing only with half of that surplus…

$300 – $200 = $100 divided by 2 = $50

or better still, just leave the casino with all of the profits!  

Useful Tips To Win Casino Gambling!

Here are some more useful tips to win at casino gambling:

Before you even leave home, say some prayers and start thinking positive thoughts! Call upon that mystical force they call The Law Of Attraction, and you can read more about it online in about a million different websites! If you’re a praying person, then say your prayers, and perhaps make a vow to give a portion of your winnings to a charity or a place of worship.

When you get to the casino, walk around a bit, and scout out the area. Try to find a spot that just “feels right.” Sometimes you can sense a lot of negative energy in one area, and in another area of the casino you can sense some positive energy. Avoid a spot that seems negative. Many people don’t realize that they really do have a bit of a psychic ability. Try to develop it and use it to your advantage!

Don’t forget your lucky hat, or lucky scarf, or lucky piece of jewelry, or a good luck charm. Most people who like to gamble are at least a bit superstitious and they usually have a lucky garment or some other lucky item. If you don’t have one, then get one! There are a million places, again… online, where you can find some sort of lucky, magical, mystical, good luck item! I like this eBay Store: because their prices are very reasonable and their products are amazing!

If you’re at a table or a slot machine for too long and it just isn’t working out, don’t overstay your welcome and keep throwing good money after bad, as they say. Get up and find another machine or table. Some gamblers feel that after enough time has passed, that the machine or the table “owes them,” and they want to wait around because it simply must pay off soon! Maybe it won’t! Maybe it will drain you dry before someone else sits there and starts winning!

Great Lottery Advice From Another HOT, Sexy, Intelligent Lady Who Does Not Wear Panties Or A Bra! “Having Good Luck With Daily Lottery Drawings!”

SHE (another HOT, sexy, intelligent Lady) has the right idea about playing the Daily Lottery Game with three numbers! This is also a very good strategy!

Thanks Love!

How To Have Good Luck Blog

The Daily Lottery Games, where they draw three balls numbered 0 through 9, and the outcome is a three digit number, between 000 and 999, are the very best lottery games for YOU to play! If You’re Interested In Having Good Luck With Daily Lottery Drawings, read on!

Here’s why those games are the best… The odds are NOT astronomical, and there are only 1,000 possible combinations that can possibly “come in.” Therefore, your odds of winning are only 1,000 to 1. The payoff is usually 500 to 1, and that means that if you bet $1 on a straight ticket (meaning that it has to come in exactly as you have chosen it) and it comes in, you win $500 in cash. It seems that if you win $599 or less, the state does not need to collect your personal information, they don’t have to notify the IRS of…

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Tips To Win Casino Gambling!

Here are some useful tips to win at casino gambling:

The table games will give you a better chance of winning. There’s actually a good casino game for anyone and everyone, and there is a strategy to deploy in almost every one of these casino games, even if you’re the only one who believes in it.

We all have the games that we like to play and I encourage you to find the games that you enjoy the most, the ones that excite you, as well as the games that you want to develop a strategy for winning. My personal favorite is Roulette!

Roulette is actually the original casino glamour game. Roulette was originally played exclusively in Monte Carlo until 1933. Although the game today is not surrounded by players wearing tuxedoes and evening gowns, it still draws a crowd. Although I usually do wear a very stylish, sexy dress! The game is played at a table with a large wheel and a small ball. The wheel is spun in one direction and the ball is spun in the opposite direction. Eventually the ball lands inside the wheel where there are a series of numbers. The series of numbers ranging from 1 to 36 are presented in alternate colors, typically red and black. Two additional spaces, represented usually by the color green, are marked as 0 and 00.

All of the numbers are represented on the Roulette table. So, the ball spins and lands inside the wheel on a number which is represented on the table. Bets are placed on the table either as “inside” bets or “outside” bets. The bets on the inside of the table are each of the numbers corresponding to the wheel. The outside bets vary from playing a complete row of numbers, one-third of the numbers or simply selecting red or black, odd or even. Since there are so many variations of how to play the game of Roulette there are varying chances to win the game too. The chances of winning tend to vary from a low of 2.63% all the way up to 46.37%.

You can actually place a $5 chip (usually the minimum) on red or black, and if it comes in, you receive an equal amount of winnings. The same goes for odd or even. I might start with five bucks on red, the color of my sexy dress, and if it hits, they will place the five dollar chip next to mine. I might choose to leave it there, and then I have a ten dollar bet on the next spin. Let’s say that it comes up red again, now they place ten dollars in chips next to my ten dollar bet. Now, I might remove three of the $5 chips, and move the remaining $5 bet over to black, because it will not always come up red.

Let’s say I get lucky and hit on black this time, now I might remove the $5 winnings, and move my $5 chip back to red, or maybe even odd or even. The best odds of winning at Roulette is when you bet on red or black, or perhaps odd or even. Now, if you place a chip solely on one of the 36 numbers or 0 or 00, if it hits you win 35 to one, so your $5 bet would return $180, which is pretty cool! When you’re playing the numbers, you can usually split your $5 minimum bet into five separate $1 bets. You can do a little reading and learn more about Roulette, it is a very exciting game!

Craps is played on a partially enclosed table with the same series of numbers on either end for players to be able to play their chosen numbers on the end closest to where they may be standing. When this table is hot it is typically the noisiest table in the casino. The middle of the table has an assortment of bets that players can play independently of the rest of the table bets.

The exciting game of craps is played with a pair of dice that rotates throughout the various players over the course of the game. The dice do not change hands to another player until the shooter “craps out.” The general object of the game is to “make a number” with the “come out roll” of the dice. Once a number has been “made” the goal is to continue to roll until the shooter “craps out” which means to roll a 7.

During the shooters roll of the dice there are a number of ways that players can win. The dealers at the table are there to help with not only the betting and placement of your chips on the table, but also to help you to understand how to play the game.

Craps may seem like one of the hardest games to learn, but it can certainly be one of the most fun to participate in while gambling. I always notice gents trying to stare down the top of my dress at my braless boobies when I lean over to throw the dice. Anyone standing behind me will try to catch a glimpse of my bare bottom when I lean forward and the hem of my dress goes up to reveal my lack of panties. 

Once you learn how to play the game of craps, you will greatly increase your odds of winning because craps has one of the most favorable player odds in the entire casino. The chances of winning at craps is approximately 49% and serves as a huge draw, not to mention the excitement that the table tends to generate.

Good Luck Charms are something else that most gamblers should carry, especially since most gamblers are superstitious people anyway. My favorite source for Good Luck Charms to win money at casino gambling is this cool eBay store found at 

Well, that’s all for now! Until next time…