Here are some more useful tips to win at casino gambling:

Before you even leave home, say some prayers and start thinking positive thoughts! Call upon that mystical force they call The Law Of Attraction, and you can read more about it online in about a million different websites! If you’re a praying person, then say your prayers, and perhaps make a vow to give a portion of your winnings to a charity or a place of worship.

When you get to the casino, walk around a bit, and scout out the area. Try to find a spot that just “feels right.” Sometimes you can sense a lot of negative energy in one area, and in another area of the casino you can sense some positive energy. Avoid a spot that seems negative. Many people don’t realize that they really do have a bit of a psychic ability. Try to develop it and use it to your advantage!

Don’t forget your lucky hat, or lucky scarf, or lucky piece of jewelry, or a good luck charm. Most people who like to gamble are at least a bit superstitious and they usually have a lucky garment or some other lucky item. If you don’t have one, then get one! There are a million places, again… online, where you can find some sort of lucky, magical, mystical, good luck item! I like this eBay Store: because their prices are very reasonable and their products are amazing!

If you’re at a table or a slot machine for too long and it just isn’t working out, don’t overstay your welcome and keep throwing good money after bad, as they say. Get up and find another machine or table. Some gamblers feel that after enough time has passed, that the machine or the table “owes them,” and they want to wait around because it simply must pay off soon! Maybe it won’t! Maybe it will drain you dry before someone else sits there and starts winning!


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