Adrift in the casino, with people all around, some happy, some sad.
There are noisy machines, bells ringing, and an occasional PA announcement.
There’s too much smoking going on, and many of these folks are senior citizens.
I wonder if any of them smoke pot? If so, I wonder if they ever smoke pot in here?
Would anyone even notice? Would anyone even care? I don’t care, I don’t smoke pot.

There’s a very big lady laughing and yelping because she just hit a jackpot.
She looks happy. I wonder what her life is like when she’s not in here.
She seems to be a regular, many of the staff know her by name.
But I wonder… is she happy?

I am daydreaming as I sit on an empty stool next to my friend who is
mindlessly playing a slot machine. She hits a button, with much more force
than I suppose is required, about every four to eight seconds to see if she
wins or loses. Can that really be fun? Or is she trying to win money for an
important bill? Or is she masking the pain of a recent break-up? The guy
was a huge jerk, and she’s much better off without him. I never liked him.

He would say things that he thought were funny, but they were rude.
He once referred to my breasts as mosquito bites. I love my small boobs
and am proud of them. In one of those Men In Black movies, I don’t
remember which one, there was an alien who assumed the appearance
of an underwear model. She said something like “cute little planet…
with the right set of mammary glands you could rule this planet.”
I think the right pair of nipples could rule the planet.

A cocktail waitress just asked us if we wanted a drink. My friend said “no”
because she’s not entirely sure if they are free or if there’s a cost, and she’s
too shy to ask. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink soda, I am not thirsty.
The waitress was wearing too much make-up, and it’s a shame, she’s a
cute girl. Maybe twenty-two years old, about five feet tall, and can’t weigh
100 pounds. Her costume is nice, and she probably wears a bra like mine,
size AAA. Good things come in small packages, you know. I wonder if she
is proud of her tiny boobies? I wonder if she’s happy? She probably makes
good money. But does she enjoy the job? She might have a sister or friend
who works in a restaurant. Would that be a better job? I couldn’t ever be
a waitress, I am too clumsy. I would not want to drop a tray of food on
someone’s lap.

My daydreaming was just interrupted by Julie hitting my forearm. She
wanted to attract my attention to the screen. She just won $27.50.
So what? She put a twenty dollar bill into the machine to start, and then
three more since then. Right now the screen says her balance is $31.00.
I am not a math wizard, but I would say she’s lost 49 dollars, if she were
to quit this very minute, which she won’t. She’s hooked on gambling.
I am glad that I am not! At least she’s having fun. I think she is, anyway.

Here comes the waitress again. I wonder if the smoke bothers her eyes,
day after day or night after night? I wonder how long she has worked
here? Does anyone ever ask her? Does anyone even care? I wonder how
her mom feels about her job in a casino. The costume could be considered
by some as being a bit slutty, but it looks good on her. She just needs to
tone down the make-up. No one she knows would probably ever tell her.
Maybe Julie’s ex, the jerk, would tell her, but he is not here. I wonder if
the waitress ever had some dumb guy refer to her breasts as mosquito
bites? I wonder if she would even care?

Oops, now Julie is down to less than a dollar, and she’s placing two more
twenty dollar bills into the machine. That makes a total of $120 if she
loses all of it. We’re having fun, so what the heck? There are two old
ladies sitting over to my left about five feet away. I heard them talking
before. One has a good luck charm, and she claims it helps her win in
the casinos. The friend mentioned she was going to get one just in case.

I wonder if Julie has a good luck charm. Maybe I am her good luck charm.
My sister used to have a friend that would wear a pair of green panties
for good luck at Bingo or in a casino. That’s a funny superstition.
I don’t wear panties. I don’t even own any. I don’t wear a bra, either,
because I sure don’t need one.

Julie is down to $17.00 on the counter, Yikes! That’s a lot of money
that she’s lost. How many people in this place today? How much
will some of them win or lose? Bet this place generates a huge profit.

As many people sit in here, adrift.


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