I am a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman and I love casino gambling! I especially love playing Roulette where there are live people at the table, as opposed to those gruesome electronic games!

I enjoy sitting on one of the stools in a very stylish, sexy, short red dress, and I like to place my chips on the table with my magnificent and well manicured hands, and perhaps rubbing my fingers on the felt as I draw my hand back to me. The feeling of the felt under my fingertips makes my nipples erect, and since I never wear a bra, some of the gentlemen at the table take notice of my “headlights being on.” They also enjoy trying to look down the top of my dress if I stand and bend over the table!

Anyone standing behind me would also enjoy the view from their vantage point because I never wear panties! Sometimes when I start winning, I get so excited that I become wet, and I might create a small wet spot on the stool. I find it sexy and exhilarating to go into a casino, make men turn their heads, and also win some money! The whole experience is intoxicating!