Useful Tips To Win More Money In The Casinos!

Here are more useful tips to help you improve your chances of win at casino gambling:

It is always a really great idea to know your spending limit. Money management is an important subject, and it’s something that most people cringe at the thought of, but it is important because most people have serious trouble keeping track of their finances and their spending in everyday life, so they especially lose track of what they have spent after a few hours in a casino… pay attention, and be sure not to lose money that you need for rent, bills, mortgage payments, and other monthly expenses!

Make things easier on yourself by deciding in advance what you can afford to lose before you even start playing. If you actually start wining, that’s great, and don’t be afraid to go home with the winnings, the casino will always be open again tomorrow! It is sad that too many people will be ahead two or three thousand dollars, but they will just keep playing until they give it all back to the house

Get full value for all of your wagering by taking advantage of any freebies or deals that are offered by the casino! You can check at the information desk for any sort of Player’s Club or frequent visitor club offers that they might offer.

Many casinos will issue you an ID card, and every time you are playing at a table or even at a slot machine, the ID card will help the casino keep track of how much you’re spending. In this manner, you can earn points for free meals, free items in the gift shops, maybe even some free play, and perhaps a free night in their hotel, if they have one.

Use a Good Luck Charm or magical crystal… after all, if it helps you increase your chances of winning, then that is awesome, and if it doesn’t, it certainly can’t hurt. These days, there are so many places where you can get a good luck charm or amulet!

Don’t play any casino games with money that is actually set aside for your rent, bills, or mortgage payment. This should be common sense to most folks, but if you’re gambling with money that you just cannot afford to lose, you’re asking for trouble, and you just might have a gambling problem and should probably seek professional help of some kind.

You cannot play slot machines professionally. Usually when anyone says they are a professional gambler, they either have a huge inheritance, they own a business that gives them a steady income, or they have some other source of income, with which they use some of the money to fuel their gambling habit. You sometimes can increase your chances of beating the slots, and there’s a fascinating book floating around about this subject. You can see the book here!

Pocket your winnings as you win and continue to play only with your principal bankroll… the money you intended to spend. Once that principal bankroll is completely gone, count all of your pocketed winnings then consider that you will continue to play only with half of the excess that you have… play with half of your net win (your winnings less your original bankroll). For example, if you started with 200 dollars, and you kept pocketing the winnings as you go, then when the 200 dollars are gone, let’s say your pocketed winnings were $400, continue playing only with half of that surplus…

$400 – $200 = $200 divided by 2 = $100

or better still, just leave the casino with all of the profits!

There are always steps that people can take to increase their chances of winning, and sometimes the steps are things such as avoiding drinking the free alcoholic beverages that some casinos might serve. After all, if you have a few drinks in you, and you get a bit “loopy,” then you might be inclined to make a few silly moves, which could lose you a bundle of money!

Also, if you’ve been gambling for hours, and you’re a bit tired, then take a break. When you’re too tired, you could end up making a costly mistake! Here’s one that frequently happens… a person who is too tired, or a bit intoxicated, is playing the slot machines, and gets up to go to another machine, but they forget to print the voucher which contains a bunch of money. A few minutes later, they run back to the machine they just walked away from, and the voucher was already printed out by a passerby who saw there was a balance. Oh boy, you’re out of luck!

Spread Good Karma and say your prayers! If you are a good and decent person, you just might have a better chance of winning. If you’re not very nice to other people, then maybe you don’t even deserve to win. Why would the spiritual world give financial blessings to a mean or nasty person?

Until next time, Good Luck and Many Blessings!


Have A Dream, Look It Up In A Lottery Number Book That Converts Your Dreams To Lottery Numbers, Then You Will Have A Good Number To Play!

Yes, you read that correctly… You Have A Dream, Then You Look It Up In A Lottery Number Book That Converts Your Dreams To Lottery Numbers, Then You Will Have A Good Number To Play! You just might win some cash!

If you do win some money, then that would be fantastic, and if you do not, then you’re no worse off than you are right now!

We all dream, each and every night, although we do not always remember our dreams. But when you DO wake up and remember the dream, you can look up the dream, and end up with some exciting lottery number suggestions to play!

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A daily lottery game is one of the best games to play, because there are only one thousand possible combinations of winning numbers, so your odds of picking a three digit number straight, and having it come in, are only 1,000 to 1. If you box the number, meaning that it can come in any combination, the odds of winning are even much better for you!

For example, let’s say the number you play is 7-3-6, and you box it, then you can win with one of these numbers being drawn; 367, 376, 637, 673, 736, and 763. You will have 6 chances out of a thousand, so essentially, your odds of winning are only 167 to 1. The pay off is usually one half of what the odds are… so a one dollar straight bet will return $500, and a one dollar boxed bet (with 3 different numbers) would return about $83.

If two of the numbers are the same, as in 223, then your odds of winning are 333 to 1, because you would have three chances out of a thousand; 223, 232, and 322. A one dollar box on a number like this would return about $166. The bottom line is that these daily games with a three digit number are the very best games to play, at least odds-wise!

If you had a dream or a hunch on a three digit number, and played it straight for a dollar, perhaps twenty times, on twenty individual tickets, and it was the number drawn, then you would win $500 multiplied by 20 tickets, for a grand total of $10,000 in cash, and tax-free, because you can cash in a ticket of $599 or less without showing ID, or having your info reported to the IRS. Tell me you wouldn’t LOVE having a ten thousand dollar financial-shot-in-the-arm!

A fun and exciting book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games!

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When You Have A Dream That You Remember, You Look Up The Topic Of The Dream In This Lucky Dream Number Book, And It Gives You A Lucky Winning Lottery Number!

How great does that sound? When You Have A Dream That You Remember, You Look Up The Topic Of The Dream In This Lucky Dream Number Book, And It Gives You A Lucky Winning Lottery Number!

If you win, then that would be awesome, and if not, you’re no worse off than you are right now! Everyone dreams, every night, although we do not remember most of our dreams. But when you DO wake up in the middle of a dream, and you are aware of the subject matter, you can look up the dream, and end up with some exciting lottery number suggestions!

Those daily lottery games with the three digit numbers are the very best games to play. The odds of winning a three digit number straight, are only one in a thousand, and the payoff is usually 500 to 1.

If you had a dream, converted it to a number, and felt confident in that number, you could play it straight for a dollar twenty times on separate tickets. Then if that number is selected, you would have 20 tickets each worth $500. That’s $10,000 tax free, because you can cash-in tickets of $599 or less without providing your information, and there are no taxes on the winnings of $599 or less! Hence the need for the separate tickets.

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games, especially those daily lottery games with a three digit outcome between 000 and 999! That’s great advice, and it’s better to have this book on hand, so order yours today! You will be glad that you did!

How YOU Can Win Five Or Ten Thousand Dollars Tax-Free In Those Daily Lottery Drawings!

Would YOU like to know How YOU Can Win Five Or Ten Thousand Dollars Tax-Free In Those Daily Lottery Drawings? 

Those Daily Lottery Games, that just about every state has these days, at least the states that have a state lottery, where they draw three balls numbered between 0 through 9, and the outcome is a three digit number, somewhere between 000 and 999, are the very best lottery games for YOU to play!

If You are truly Interested in Having more Good Luck with Daily Lottery Drawings, then please read on!

Here’s the reason why those daily lottery games are the best ones to play… The odds are NOT astronomical, in fact, there are only 1,000 possible combinations that can possibly “come in.” Therefore, your odds of winning are only a mere 1,000 to 1.

The payoff is usually 500 to 1, and that means that if you bet $1 on a straight ticket (meaning that it has to come in exactly as you have chosen it) and it does come in, you win $500 in cash.

It seems that if you only win $599 or less, the state does not have to collect your personal information, and they don’t have to notify the IRS of your winnings, and there are no taxes on those winnings! So, that is $500 of tax-free money!

Now, here is the exciting twist… if you really like a certain number, or if you have a dream about a number, or if you have a hunch about a number… and you play that number straight for a dollar, ten times, on separate tickets, and if it hits, then you would win $5,000 tax-free!

Just to be on the safe side, you can go around to different lottery retailers, on different days, and cash-in each ticket for $500 in cash! A five thousand dollar prize can be a nice financial “shot in the arm.”

And if you played the number straight for a dollar, twenty times, on separate tickets, and it comes in, you would win $10,000 tax-free! If you played it forty times, on separate tickets, you would win Twenty Thousand Dollars! Tax-Free!

Five, Ten, or Twenty Thousand Dollars can be a decent used car, or a huge down payment on a new car, or a fabulous grand vacation, or some other large ticket purchase, AND the odds of winning are still only 1,000 to 1. Your odds of winning $10,000 on one of those ridiculous scratch-off lottery tickets is usually around 50,000 to 1, or sometimes 100,000 to 1. Yikes!

There are also many great lottery books, ideal for those who don’t have a favorite three digit number, and there are also books that convert your dreams into three digit numbers! There are even great lottery books that help you convert a dream that you’ve had, while sleeping, into a possible winning daily lottery number. For example, this book is really awesome:

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A good luck charm might also be a great idea, because let’s face it, you need all the help you can get! Many people are superstitious and believe in things like lucky amulets, magical crystals, mystical oils and so forth! Why not? If something magical helps you win, then that’s wonderful!

One last resource for great numbers to play… Here is a source for Free Winning Lottery Numbers in Advance and they change daily!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

How To Get Laid (Possibly) With A Good Luck Amulet Or Magical Oil!!!

You just might be able to Get Laid possibly with a Good Luck Amulet or a Magical Oil! After all, most people who buy good luck charms, are either looking to win money, OR find love and sex!

So, some of those people looking for love and sex, might actually increase their chances of getting laid, finding a suitable sex partner, attracting a mate, or perhaps meeting the person of their dreams, by using a magical crystal or some other type of good luck charm, amulet, or talisman. Maybe they just want a sexy friend with benefits!

We, as serious purveyors of good luck charms and amulets that really work, have heard numerous success stories from some of our customer-friends, and we’re always happy to hear about the success of people, when they use any sort of magical, spiritual, or good luck item, no matter where they got it!

There are even some very powerful magical oils, potions, perfumes, and colognes, which you can use to increase your chances in the love and sex department, and just one drop on the wrist, with the pleasant aroma and the magical energy, just might help you get what you want!  


Have YOU ever used any sort of magical good luck charm, mystical oil, magical crystal, or lucky amulet? You really should, you know, because it just might work, and it just may help you find what you’re looking for… as they say; you never know until you try!

Take, for example, the millions and millions of people who like to buy lottery tickets, or who enjoy other forms of gambling… maybe in a casino, or at the horse races… each of them should also have at least one or two good luck charms or magical coins, because it just might help them win money, and if it does, then that’s awesome! If it doesn’t, then they’re no worse off than they were before they tried!

But let’s get back to… YOU gettin’ laid… If you are single, and you would like to meet someone sexy and special, why not try everything that you can, to possibly help your situation?

Sometimes people have amazingly good luck with a magical item, even though they are always offered for entertainment purposes. Think of all the money you blow on other forms of entertainment! Surely, spending a measly 20, 40, or 60 bucks on a magical good luck charm or two is not going to put you in the poorhouse, BUT it might put you in someone else’s bedroom, and wouldn’t that be very nice?

Something to think about!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

How To Increase My Chances Of Winning At The Slot Machines?

Do you play the slot machines in casinos regularly? Have you wondered or asked something such as; “How To Increase My Chances Of Winning At The Slot Machines?” Even though the machines are computerized, and supposedly totally random, some folks claim there are steps to you can take to increase your chances of winning!

For starters, if your favorite casino offers any sort of slots-specific promotions, or even a Player’s Club, where you get an ID Card and can insert it into the machines before starting to play, it is definitely worth your time to take full advantage of these promotions.

You might even earn some points which can get you free food or merchandise, there might also be daily or nightly drawings where you can win prizes. Even a few free spins on a slot machine can possibly have the potential to earn you some massive prizes, and there’s really no cost to you to take advantage of these free offers from the casino.

Some folks believe that playing the machines closest to the entrance will give you a better chance of winning. The thought is that they put the machines there that pay off more often in an effort to lure more people into the casino. After all, if you are walking past the entrance to a casino and hear a lot of people hooting and hollering, then you might be tempted to enter and see what’s happening.

Beat The Casinos

You won’t find this fabulous book with tips to beat the casinos in a library or bookstore, but you can click on that photo and find a very cool website where they sell it at a bargain price! Some online retailers I’ve seen charged $29.95 or $19.95 for the very same booklet!

Adrift In The Casino


Adrift in the casino, with people all around, some happy, some sad.
There are noisy machines, bells ringing, and an occasional PA announcement.
There’s too much smoking going on, and many of these folks are senior citizens.
I wonder if any of them smoke pot? If so, I wonder if they ever smoke pot in here?
Would anyone even notice? Would anyone even care? I don’t care, I don’t smoke pot.

There’s a very big lady laughing and yelping because she just hit a jackpot.
She looks happy. I wonder what her life is like when she’s not in here.
She seems to be a regular, many of the staff know her by name.
But I wonder… is she happy?

I am daydreaming as I sit on an empty stool next to my friend who is
mindlessly playing a slot machine. She hits a button, with much more force
than I suppose is required, about every four to eight seconds to see if she
wins or loses. Can that really be fun? Or is she trying to win money for an
important bill? Or is she masking the pain of a recent break-up? The guy
was a huge jerk, and she’s much better off without him. I never liked him.

He would say things that he thought were funny, but they were rude.
He once referred to my breasts as mosquito bites. I love my small boobs
and am proud of them. In one of those Men In Black movies, I don’t
remember which one, there was an alien who assumed the appearance
of an underwear model. She said something like “cute little planet…
with the right set of mammary glands you could rule this planet.”
I think the right pair of nipples could rule the planet.

A cocktail waitress just asked us if we wanted a drink. My friend said “no”
because she’s not entirely sure if they are free or if there’s a cost, and she’s
too shy to ask. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink soda, I am not thirsty.
The waitress was wearing too much make-up, and it’s a shame, she’s a
cute girl. Maybe twenty-two years old, about five feet tall, and can’t weigh
100 pounds. Her costume is nice, and she probably wears a bra like mine,
size AAA. Good things come in small packages, you know. I wonder if she
is proud of her tiny boobies? I wonder if she’s happy? She probably makes
good money. But does she enjoy the job? She might have a sister or friend
who works in a restaurant. Would that be a better job? I couldn’t ever be
a waitress, I am too clumsy. I would not want to drop a tray of food on
someone’s lap.

My daydreaming was just interrupted by Julie hitting my forearm. She
wanted to attract my attention to the screen. She just won $27.50.
So what? She put a twenty dollar bill into the machine to start, and then
three more since then. Right now the screen says her balance is $31.00.
I am not a math wizard, but I would say she’s lost 49 dollars, if she were
to quit this very minute, which she won’t. She’s hooked on gambling.
I am glad that I am not! At least she’s having fun. I think she is, anyway.

Here comes the waitress again. I wonder if the smoke bothers her eyes,
day after day or night after night? I wonder how long she has worked
here? Does anyone ever ask her? Does anyone even care? I wonder how
her mom feels about her job in a casino. The costume could be considered
by some as being a bit slutty, but it looks good on her. She just needs to
tone down the make-up. No one she knows would probably ever tell her.
Maybe Julie’s ex, the jerk, would tell her, but he is not here. I wonder if
the waitress ever had some dumb guy refer to her breasts as mosquito
bites? I wonder if she would even care?

Oops, now Julie is down to less than a dollar, and she’s placing two more
twenty dollar bills into the machine. That makes a total of $120 if she
loses all of it. We’re having fun, so what the heck? There are two old
ladies sitting over to my left about five feet away. I heard them talking
before. One has a good luck charm, and she claims it helps her win in
the casinos. The friend mentioned she was going to get one just in case.

I wonder if Julie has a good luck charm. Maybe I am her good luck charm.
My sister used to have a friend that would wear a pair of green panties
for good luck at Bingo or in a casino. That’s a funny superstition.
I don’t wear panties. I don’t even own any. I don’t wear a bra, either,
because I sure don’t need one.

Julie is down to $17.00 on the counter, Yikes! That’s a lot of money
that she’s lost. How many people in this place today? How much
will some of them win or lose? Bet this place generates a huge profit.

As many people sit in here, adrift.