How To Win Casino Gambling?

People all over the world have been wondering for hundreds of years about beating the casinos, or at least, how to increase their chances of winning money in a casino! I thought I would start this blog, just for fun, in fact… for entertainment purposes only, and it could be a forum for some of us to exchange ideas about improving our odds at gambling, gambling in casinos, and even playing other types of games of chance such as lotteries.

If you like the idea, let’s please hear from you!

One thing that has helped ME personally, is this very cool book I found:

Beat The Casinos

and apparently it has helped many other people! I have seen it sold online for as much as $19.95 or $29.95, but you won’t find it in bookstores for obvious reasons.

What are YOUR favorite casino games, and do you have any tips? Since this is the first post, I evidently have a lot to do to set up this new blog…

So, until next time…

Can A Good Luck Charm Help You Win At Casino Gambling?

I am inclined to say; YES… absolutely! People have been using good luck charms, lucky amulets, mystical talismans, and have also been superstitious for way longer than they’ve been gambling!

Good Luck items have probably been around almost as long as humans have existed! It would seem to me that there’s nothing wrong with carrying or wearing some sort of Good Luck charm when visiting a casino, and if it helps you win, then that’s awesome.

If a good luck item does not affect your success, for whatever the reason, then you’re no worse off than you were before. If some gamblers will possibly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one night at a casino, why wouldn’t they spend a measly fifty bucks on a magical good luck charm, crystal, stone, amulet or talisman?

I found a very cool eBay store with many fantastic magical products, and apparently they have a pretty darn good success rate! is the URL that takes you directly to that store, and there are tons of sellers on eBay who also have magical, mystical, good luck items!

Until next time…